Lifts Plus Depot Services

Lifts Plus DepotWhen it comes to your car or motorcycle lift needs, Lifts Plus Depot can provide the best and of the highest quality lifts along with tire charger. Lifts Plus Depot has been established in 2003 and since then, the company is continuously growing and improving. Because of the high quality products and services that they offer, they are able to gain the trust of their clients, making them one of the leading providers of lifts, tire changers and other services.

The company was able to grow into a bigger and more successful one because of the highly trained and expert consultants they have, who assists clients when selecting the best tire changers and lifts for them as well as in installing and servicing. If you want to know more details about the products offered by Lifts Plus Depot, take note of the following:

Tire Changers

One of the most important elements in the automotive workshop is the tire changers. The installation of tire changers just to address the demands of the customers will also allow you to provide them with quicker turn-around times as well as drum up extra business in the process. However with the wider range of tire changers which includes highly performing models like BendPak and Ranger tire changing machines, Lifts Plus Depot can provide you the assurance that they can accommodate all your needs in terms of new and innovative tire charger.

It doesn’t matter whether you need simple tilt-back changer or heavy duty changer because the company has the right equipment for the task. They have wide range of quality products so they are certain that they can address your changing needs. The tire changers of Lifts Plus Depot have been designed in order to offer their clients with reliable performance as well as excellent value for their investment. All their high-quality machines bear their seal of approval. In addition to that, the company also stand behind the products and equipment they offer. The credible and stellar reputation of the company in the industry assures you that they are offering nothing but products based on the highest standards. If there are structural or parts defects or damages, they also offer rock-solid warranties.

Lifts Plus DepotAlignment Machine

Lifts Plus Depot also specializes in 2 major auto-alignment machine, LaunchTech and Triton. Triton is considered as a well-regarded model and it is used worldwide, especially in the high-demand applications in professional workshops whereas LaunchTech is used as an all-around solution, wherein it is offering unparalleled versatility. These models feature full automation to ensure maximum efficiency as well as ease of use.

Financing and Warranties

Lifts Plus Depot is offering 1-year factory parts warranty, 2-year factory parts warranty for Pro Series and 5-year structural warranty. They are also offering commercial warranties for their business clients. For the warranties that they offer, they can give you repair, replacement or any service for the product, which they haven’t met your expectations and requirements. In addition to that, they can even provide you with more options regarding financing g issues especially for the heavy machinery they have, both for individual and commercial clients. You can check or ask their staff regarding the financing options that they provide.

So, if you manage or own an automotive shop, Lifts Plus Depot would be very happy to provide you nothing but high quality products and services. There is nothing to worry about the price because everything is offered at a very reasonable price. The company is very much confident that you will find the equipment or machine from their comprehensive product line. When it comes to fast and free delivery, installation and setup services, Lifts Plus Depot is the best.